How a Job Search App Can Save You Times

For a job seeker, looking for the perfect job and keeping tabs on prospective opportunities can be a time-consuming process. From browsing online job boards, sending out resumes and cover letters, to interviewing potential employers – there are many steps involved in the hunt for a dream position. Those who are actively seeking employment will often spend countless hours researching potential jobs, updating their resume, tailoring applications to specific positions, and meeting with professionals in the field to gain advice on how best to proceed with their career. If you’re searching for work right now or plan to do so in the near future, you know how much time it takes to find that perfect position. Job search apps make your hunt easier. These helpful tools streamline the process of finding open jobs in your area and crafting customized cover letters and resumes. They also make networking easier by connecting you with professionals who most likely have connections to great gigs in your field of interest. With these awesome apps at your side, you’ll be on your way to landing an interview in no time!

Job Search Apps: An Introduction

The job search app market is an ever-growing space with new apps springing up all the time. While some of these apps provide helpful tools to streamline the job search process, others are downright disappointing. To help you navigate this crowded market, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best job search apps on the market right now. From designing resumes to sourcing job openings in your area, these apps can help you save time and energy as you look for your next gig.

Helps You Network with Professionals in your Field

Finding a job can be difficult, especially if you don’t have connections in your industry that you can tap into. That’s where job search apps can really help — many of them let you network with professionals in your field. Tools like LinkedIn are great for finding and connecting with potential connections in your chosen field. With LinkedIn, you can search for professionals who work at specific companies, find mentors and advisers, and view their titles and roles within their organization. You can also create a profile to showcase your work experience, skills, and education, helping you get noticed by potential employers. There are also other job search apps that let you network with potential employers. The app Greenhouse, for example, lets you connect with hiring managers at your desired companies. You can also use the app to create a resume that includes your professional experience and skills, helping you stand out among other job seekers.

Lets You Streamline the Resume and Cover Letter Writing Process

When applying to jobs, you’ll need to design and tailor a resume and cover letter for each position. Depending on the job search app you use, you may be able to do both on that single platform. Let’s look at the example of Resumable, an app that lets you create and manage your resume on the go. With this job search app, you can create a resume that includes all the information you’d normally include on a printed resume, but is also accessible through your mobile device. With Resumable, you can also upload your existing resume as a starting point, then select specific sections to include on your mobile resume. You can also upload your education information and photos, which can help potential employers remember who you are and why you’re the best candidate for the job.

Saves you Tasks by Automating Parts of the Job-hunting Process

A job search app can also save you time and energy by helping you automate certain tasks. For example, the app Hired connects job seekers with top companies in Silicon Valley and New York City. With Hired, you can browse open positions and receive automated invitations to interview with employers in your field. With these notifications, you can respond to the invitation to interview at your convenience, helping you quickly and easily schedule meetings with potential employers. There are other job search apps that let you automate your job hunting process even more. The app Jobr, for example, lets you search for jobs and receive notifications when new positions open in your area. You can also use the app to create a resume and cover letter, and design mock interviews. Using this app can help you stay organized and focused while looking for employment, making sure you don’t miss any important steps in the job hunt process.