- Create Your CV video

Do you want to create your CV in video format? This app helps people to create their CV in video format. Just sign up, wait for the invitation, and start recording your videos.
There are no editing limitations, so you can provide all the information about yourself that you want to.
This is a app that enables professionals to update their profile to an employer or client. This app creates videos of them talking about their skills, work experience and goals. These are then sent as messages or e-mails to potential employers or clients.
It's not just for resumes either - it's also perfect for job interviews, showcasing products at corporate events or just making promotional videos.
A few seconds are enough for you to show your experience and skills in the form of a video resume. This will be more attractive than just text on paper or online.

Record videos for the employer

Start your career with this app - the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to create a professional CV.
The app is easy-to-use and includes a minimalistic design so it's fast and easy-to-navigate!
Do you want to apply for a job but don't have any extra qualifications? We offer something that suits you! This app is an application where people can make short videos about their skills and work history. It's perfect if you're applying to companies with strict requirements or if you're looking for something new!
This app helps you to record short videos for your potential employer, making it easier to show off your skills. With this app, you can also create a resume in video format. It's perfect for people who are not looking for a job but want to keep their options open.